Broken plastic grass catcher. What glue/epoxy/adhesive?

2 parts held together by 2 screws and 8 plastic tab clips (top and bottom pieces). Even after pulling apart,cleaning and putting back together, grass still comes out the sides. I would like to seal it permanently so no grass can come out the sides


07 May 2020 04:53 AM

Unfortunately the plastic the grass catcher is made of will most likely be polyethylene or polypropylene. Polyethylene and similar plastics do not take adhesives or sealants very well. They are virtually impossible to glue to. You may be able to run a bead of Roof & Gutter silicone along the break or the join and then pull it back together using the screws and clips you are presently using. The silicone should seal the gap enough to stop the grass clippings getting out but it will not actually act as an adhesive.The best method of repair to splits in these plastics is to have the split plastic welded.
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