How do I open or pierce the tube of Liquid Nails Platinum for use in my caulking gun? A nail or a buy cutting?

Mine is a very basic question. The tube of adhesive has such a blunt tip and only a few threads to reattach the funnel for application. I am afraid I will cut off too much. I have tried to pierce it by hammering a nail in the end, but it's not working. There must be an easy way to do it...?


07 May 2020 04:53 AM

This cartridge is the same as any similar cartridge for use in a caulking gunYou need to cut the cartridge tip which is the small cone shaped section sitting atop of the threaded part. As long as you do not cut any of the main threaded part off you will be fine. It is best cut with a sharp knife such as a Stanley knife or similar retracting blade knife **Scissors are not really suitable and definitely Do not use a hammer and nail. Once you have cut the Tip you should then trim the included nozzle (you referred to it as a funnel) to a suitable size to allow the adhesive to be easily extruded. If the nozzle is not cut back far enough excessive pressure is required to try and force the adhesive through the very small opening so it is important to trim the nozzle to a reasonable size, eg, 3mm – 5mm diameter. Please take the time to read through our pack directions before using any product. You will find any important information regarding the use of the product here, and also a direction which advises to “Cut cartridge tip, fit nozzle and cut end to desired width (approx 3 mm diameter).”
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