What can I use to remove fertiliser rust stains on concrete? Will sugar soap do the job?


07 May 2020 04:53 AM

If the stains are as a result of iron and rust then the best way to remove will be an acidic cleaner or descaler. I would suggest mixing up a strong dose of our Scalex Heavy Duty in a bucket. Add about 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of Scalex to 5L of water. spread over the surface and work in with a stiff brush. As this is not something we have tried and with every stain and surface being slightly different it is important you try it first to make sure this will not cause any further damage to the areas. It will also be very important to make sure run off goes to the street and any that enters garden or lawn areas is thoroughly hosed and watered to dilute any mixture remaining.
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