Is No More Gaps Weatherboard the best of Selleys exterior flexible fillers to use on a weatherboard house?

I’m repainting the exterior of my weatherboard house. When I first started buying Selleys flexible fillers more than a few years ago, the sales assistant at the hardware shop told me to use No More Gaps Weatherboard just for the gaps underneath the horizontal edges of the overlapping weatherboards. He said to use No More Gaps Multi-Purpose to fill and seal all other types of gap between separate pieces of timber (such as vertical gaps that have opened up in the joints between the weatherboards and the adjoining door and window frames). Lately, I’ve also been using Ezi Press No More Gaps Multipurpose for these other types of gap. Now that I’ve read the information on Selleys website about these products, I’m thinking I should simply use the Weatherboard product for all flexible filling requirements on the exterior timber because of its superior qualities. Would you agree


07 May 2020 04:53 AM

No More Gaps Exterior and Weatherboard is the most flexible gap filler that we make. It has greater movement characteristics than any of the other products in the No More Gaps range. For any situation involving weatherboards I would always recommend this product first and foremost.No More Gaps Ezi Press and No More Gaps Multipurpose are best used in areas where there is reduced movement such as around window frames, skirting and architraves.
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