A split has occurred in fibreglass shower recess floor

Floor otherwise in good condition,water began oozing thru when standing in shower. Can a patch be applied, or a filler be used to repair the crack?


07 May 2020 04:53 AM

Any repair using a sealant or a glue with no other reinforcing will probably not last long as the crack will continue to move when walked on.For a more durable repair You could try applying a fibreglass patch repair over the crack using our Fibreglass Fix.This will require sanding back along the crack and surronding area to provide a good key for the fibreglass.Our Fibreglass Fix kit comes with Fibreglass reinforcing matting which you can cut a patch big enough to cover and overlap around the crack.You can build up with more than one layer if you wish to provide more strength.Make each layer a little larger to overlap the one below .After you have sanded and prepared the area, cut your fibreglass matting to suit. Once this is done mix up enough fibreglass resin to apply along and around the crack. Don’t mix too much as it only has a reasonably short working time.Set the fabric patch down into the wet resin you have applied and then apply more resin over the patch ensuring it penetrates right through the fabr.(Called wetting out) Poking with the brush is the best way to wet the repair right through.You can build up the repair by repeating the steps if needed. Use the brush to carefully level out the resin before it hardens and then leave to cure.To clean up tools and brush use Acetone. Once the repair has fully cured you can sand it smooth if required using fine sandpaper or wet n dry abrasive paper.If you really want a neat finish you could then paint over the repair with a suitable epoxy or tile paint to try and match the existing colour.
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