How can I repair screw holes in bathroom tiles where a towel rail used to be? Can I still get a gloss finish?

I have removed an old towel rail and don't want to replace it, but obviously have holes where the screws used to be. The tiles are glossy white, the holes, probably about 6mm diameter.


07 May 2020 04:53 AM

he best product to fill these holes is Knead it Epoxy Putty. Either the Kneadit Aqua or Kneadit Multipurpose will be suitable.Fill the holes flush with the tiles surface and smooth off.You could leave it like this as both putties dry a whitish colour and give it a light sand with a very fine wet and dry paper or if you want to try and get a nice shiny white finish you could probably put a light covering of Porcelain Repair which is a white two part epoxy repair filler/adhesive over the finished filler to give a shiny white finish.The porcelain repair may slump if you put too much on being that it is a vertical surface so a light layer and allow to cure a bit and then another light layer spreading over a little larger area may be the best way
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