What can I use to replace timber window frame putty on internal & external existing windows?

I do not wish to remove the windows but just replace the putty that has dried and fallen out of frames to ensure water leakages do not occur. I have timber window frames. I will be re-painting some external frames and re-staining the internal frames.


07 May 2020 04:53 AM

I would still recommend a putty to replace old and worn putty, in our range we have the Special Putty that would be suited to your task. They are available through all major hardware stores.Just be aware when it comes to Linseed putties like ours they do take a long time to go hard, in some cases it can even stay soft for many months.Just because it stays soft though does not mean you cannot paint it, you can normally paint our product after about 2 weeks using a good quality oil based paint.
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