Whats the best method for fixing cracked and small holes in smooth hardiplank weatherboards?

I have 170mm x 9mm sized hardiplank weatherboards, smooth finish. But no one stocks the 170 x 9 anymore. I have a few cracked through boards and where looks like a tow ball has hit it, so i need to know how to "putty" them up correctly and what with.


07 May 2020 04:53 AM

The best method of filling these dents would be using a bog type filler such as Selleys Tradies Bog or Plastibond H/D BogBest results are achieved on bare or unpainted surfaces. Ideally you should remove any paint by sanding or wire brushing.Try not to over fill if using the Plastibond as it is a bit harder to sand back. Tradies bog will sand much easier.Once sanded back apply a quality primer undercoat followed by a couple of coats of exterior house paint
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