How To Fill Cracks And Dents In Wall

Cracks and dents in your freshly painted walls can really bring the overall look down.them, they can look knocked about.

Hairline cracks around doors and windows, holes in the wall from old picture nails, and dents from bumping furniture (or clumsy teens) are simply part of the wear and tear of life.

Luckily they are easy to fix!

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
2 hours

What You Need

Easy as..

  1. Make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of loose or powdery material.
  2. Use a filling blade or scraper to firmly press Selleys No More Cracks Plaster Filler into the crack, dent or hole.
  3. Scrape off excess filler to minimise sanding. For a perfect finish, feather the edge to merge with the wall.
  4. Allow to dry for 2 to 3 hours, depending on humidity.
  5. Sand lightly with fine sand paper.
  6. For best results, apply an undercoat before painting with topcoat.


Selleys Plasti-bond Heavy Duty

Selleys Plasti-Bond Heavy Duty is a multi-purpose plastic putty that can be used for building or repair work where filling, bonding or moulding is necessary. It sets in 20 minutes without shrinkage, after the hardener is mixed in.

Selleys No More Cracks Doors & Trims

Selleys No More Cracks Doors & Trims ready to use filler can be used inside or outside with gloss paints and applications such as doors, windows, architraves, trims and skirting boards.

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