Turn a dated coffee table that’s ready to become rubbish, into a focal point for the room.

What You Need


Step 1: Mix ½ cup of Selleys® Sugar Soap into ½ bucket (5 litres) of water. Use a soft clean cloth to clean the table from top to bottom with the sugar soap solution.

Step 2: Fill any holes or nicks in the table with Selleys® Plastic Wood®. Make sure the wood is clean and dry. Stir the can thoroughly, then apply to the table with a putty knife. Slightly overfill deep holes to allow for sanding. Allow to dry before sanding, staining or painting.

Step 3: Sand the table down and clean again with Selleys® Sugar Soap to remove the dust. When the surface is dry, attach the vinyl on the top of the table with Selleys® Kwik Grip® Horizontal. Apply it to the table and the vinyl, spreading evenly. Keep surfaces apart until adhesive is almost dry – approximately 20 minutes. Then press surfaces firmly together. Secure bond by running a roller over the bonded surfaces.

Step 4: Now paint the table legs using Feast Watson® Stain & Varnish. You don’t need to varnish the surfaces where the vinyl is.

Step 5: Decorate your table with coffee table books and enjoy!


Selleys Original Sugar Soap

Selleys Original Sugar Soap is a professional strength and high performance formula which powers through tough grease and grime. Its also recommended for cleaning surfaces prior to painting and wallpapering.

Selleys Kwik Grip Horizontal

Selleys Kwik Grip® Horizontal is a heat resistant, solvent-based, flexible contact adhesive that forms an instant bond on contact of two surfaces.

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