Bathroom renovations can be costly and time consuming but giving your bathroom an instant lift doesn't have to be!

Here are 8 ideas to help you take your bathroom from drab to fab.

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  1. Repair damaged tiles and grout Take a good look at your tiles. Are there any that are loose, chipped or cracked? Has the grout between the tiles discolored or worn away? Damaged white tiles and grout can be easily repaired with Selleys White For Life tile adhesive and grout. These new products come in ready to use packs or powder form.
  2. Replace old mouldy silicone Sick of mouldy showers? In older bathrooms you may have noticed black spots of mould on silicone where the silicone sealant seals over the grout? This is because most silicones don’t adhere to grout very well and are not designed for bathroom areas.
    If you have old discolored silicone it’s important to remove it completely before applying new silicone. Selleys Silicone Remover, dissolves old silicone without the drama in about 2-4 hours.
    Then you’re ready to apply a new silicone – make sure you choose a high quality silicone that has been designed for bathroom such as Selleys No Mould which contains mould inhibitors to stop it growing back!
  3. Add a coat of fresh paint A new coat of paint can add new life to any room, especially small spaces such as bathrooms. First prepare your surfaces. Use Selleys Sugar Soap to clean walls and ceilings before you begin to remove any build of grime and mildew. Scrape away any loose or peeling paint. Then you’re ready to apply a fresh coat of paint.
  1. Repair chips in baths and sinks If your sink or bath has a chip or crack these can be easily repaired with Selleys Porcelain Repair. Easy to apply and can be tinted to match coloured porcelain perfectly.
  2. Replace spotted de-silvered mirrors If your mirror has black spots or the silver has faded this is because the wrong adhesive was used. Over time, some adhesives will dissolve the mirror surface causing blackening. Replacing de-silvered mirrors will give your bathroom a real lift but make sure you use the right adhesive. Selleys Liquid Nails Mirror, Metal Glass has been specially formulated for mirrors and will not cause discoloration over time.
  3. Give everything a good scrub Ever noticed a build up of dust and fluff in bathroom fans and covers? These can be easily removed and given a good clean with Selleys Sugar Soap. Why not also give those dusty venetian blinds and all porcelain surfaces a good scrub while you’re there.
  4. Update fixtures and fittings Replacing old and broken fittings such as taps, towel rails and toilet roll holders can give your bathroom an instant lift. Your local hardware or plumbing store will have a large range to suit every taste and budget.
  5. Finally, add the little touches Why not pick up some new fluffy towels, scented candles and soap. These little touches will instantly give you a fresher look and feeling of deep relaxation.


Selleys Wet Area Silicone

Selleys Wet Area Silicone Sealant delivers a superior waterproof and mould resistant seal that is ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

Selleys Original Sugar Soap

Selleys Original Sugar Soap is a professional strength and high performance formula which powers through tough grease and grime. Its also recommended for cleaning surfaces prior to painting and wallpapering.

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