We recently received this great feedback on Selleys Quick Fix Ultra Repair helping out a consumer in the harsh environment of high altitude Nepal. This product utilises the same technology platform as theĀ  recently launched Selleys High Performance Sealant range. The Silyl Modified Polymer (or SMP) is renowned for its strength and flexibility and is great in these types of high stress applications. If It's Selleys It Works!

"I recently returned from a trek in the Himalayas in Northern Nepal. The trek was for 11 days. On day one of trekking the entire sole of my boot came off! I did some emergency repairs with tape, sticking plaster and a shoelace that got me through to the end of the day. That night I glued my sole back on with your quickfix product-I had put a tube in my backpack for emergencies-next morning it was good as new and was still solidly glued on after a further 10 days of walking on mountain tracks, stones and through snow and mud. The two photos are of my emergency repair and then at the end of the trek. I donated my boots to one of our Nepalese crew. Other members of our trek were amazed at how well it worked! So just wanted to let you know- that little tube certainly ensured that my trekking holiday was a great success!!"

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