The kitchen is the heart of every family home, but over time – cooking spills, kids, clutter and general wear and tear can leave it looking a little tired and worn.

So set aside an afternoon, get prepared and you will have your kitchen looking great in no time at all.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
3 Hours

What you need 


Step 1: Remove the clutter

Get rid of unnecessary items from the kitchen. Remove papers and put all those cut-and-keep recipes in a folder. Reorganise plastic containers by nesting containers inside each other and store lids separately. Take a look at your kitchen utensils draw and remove all utensils you haven’t used in the past 6 months.

Step 2: Touch up scratches on kitchens and ovens 

Kids been driving their toys over the fridge and scratched the paint? Selleys Appliance Touch Up is a brushable white paint that will not yellow with age or exposure to high temperatures so is the perfect solution to returning your fridge to new-look status.

Packaged with a small brush for delicate applications, Selleys Appliance Touch Up is easy to use and provides effective results.

Step 3: Replace old worn silicone 

Worn and mouldy silicone around benchtops and sinks can be easily removed with Selleys Silicone Remover. Just apply Selleys Silicone Remover and the old silicone will be easy to remove in 2 hours. 

After completely removing old silicone, apply a fresh silicone sealant. Make sure you use a silicone that is designed for kitchens such as Selleys Wet Area SiliconeSelleys Wet Area Silicone has been designed to adhere to cement and grout and contains a fungicide to stop mould growth.

Step 4: Give your cleaning a boost

Over time, spills, grease and grime can make your kitchen tired. Selleys Original Sugar Soap is a professional grade cleaner which can be used on all floors, walls, cooktops, rangehoods and benchtops to easily remove all traces of grease and grime.

Step 5: Don't forget the oven

 Frequent baking and roasting will mean your oven will need a specialist oven cleaner such as Selleys Oven Clean. The hard working formulation will work in about 4 minutes to remove oven build up without scrubbing.


Selleys Wet Area Silicone

Selleys Wet Area Silicone Sealant delivers a superior waterproof and mould resistant seal that is ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

Selleys Oven Clean

Selleys Oven Clean is a heavy duty breakthrough formula that cuts though tough oven grease and grime quickly and without scrubbing.

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