If there is one glue you didn’t know you needed in your life, it’s Selleys Power Grip.

From your favourite leather hand bag to the wooden toy your child can’t live without – where normal glue fails, Selleys Power Grip is ready for the challenge.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
1/2 hour

Save the things that matter


Keep it in your ‘wotsit’ drawer (we all have that one random drawer at home. . . ), so you can easily grab and go when virtually anything (yes, anything!) in the home needs to be fixed.

1. Fix a ceramic garden ornament

Accidents happen. Fortunately, a broken garden ornament is something you can easily mend without a fuss. Brush off dirt and dust from surfaces.


Apply Selleys Power Grip to one side and press together. Wipe away excess with a damp cloth and let dry.


2. Fix a loose shoe sole 

A loose shoe sole isn’t a good look, especially if you’re preparing for a job interview doesn’t have to mean the end of your shoes, especially if they are a pair that are close to your heart!
To fix, brush dirt from inside of sole, apply beads of Selleys Power Grip evenly to the surfaces and press together.


Weight down with clamps or a heavy item.


3. Fix a handbag strap

A great handbag has been alongside you, through thick and thin, but sometimes, straps can come apart. Instead of spending a small fortune to replace, simply fix it.

This will only work well for wide hand bag straps (allows enough space for the glue to grip). Remove existing adhesive with non-acetone based cleaner.

Apply a thin bead of Selleys Power Grip to bag and press together. Allow to dry for 12 hours before using.


4. Fix a broken ceramic pot

Waste not, want not. If your pot has broken into large pieces, salvage it by gluing it back together. Loosely fit pieces together to check if all pieces are available. Lay out pieces (like a jigsaw) and brush dust from surfaces.

Apply a thin bead of Selleys Power Grip the edge of pot and glue to adjacent piece. Wipe away any excess with damp cloth. Repeat until all sides are glued and allow to dry for 12 hours before use.


5. Fix a wooden toy

Kids have a habit of breaking things, whether it’s your fine china or their favourite wooden toys. It can spell disaster to even the most resilient child!

Save the tears and instead of binning them, give them another chance at life by gluing them back together. Brush off any dirt and dust, apply a thin bead of glue to surfaces and press together.

Allow to dry before handing back and remember – not all heroes wear capes.



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