Take some space back in your kitchen cupboards with this DIY vertical chopping board holder.

Not only great for chopping boards, it's also perfect for storing baking tins, pan lids and baking trays

Beginner Itermediate Advanced
3 hours

What You Need

  • Timber of choice (1 piece for length)
  • Selleys Aquadhere Interior
  • 2 x 1.2m Dowel (might get away with 1, will confirm once I finalise plans)
  • Drill and Drill Piece to match your dowel diameter
  • Tape Measure
  • Mitre or Hand Saw
  • Sand Paper or Sander
  • A splash of paint- water-based varnish or paint colour of choice

How To

  1. First up- measure the area you are working with.
  2. Cut timber to size and sand
  3. Next up measure your dowel lengths. Make sure they are high enough for the trays or boards to not topple over
  4. Measure approx. 4 to 5cm in on both sides and mark with a ruler.
  5. Measure approx. 4 to 6cm all the way down your line and mark with a cross. This is where the dowel will go. This will vary depending on your items that will be stored in this vertical holde
  6. Apply Selleys Aquadhere Interior to both the holes in the base and dowel and place the dowel into the base. Wipe away any excess with a damp cloth
  7. Allow to dry for minimum 12 hours to achieve maximum strength. This could be longer in cold, damp conditions
  8. Paint or Varnish of choice


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