MarineFlex high performance adhesive sealant can be used on boats, pools & spas, where you need a waterproof seal or bond, even under water* It can be applied & will cure under water – no need to drain your pool or spa. Compared to traditional polyurethanes it provides a more durable seal & bond with superior UV resistance.


  • Salt, fresh & chlorinated water (pools/spas)^
  • Above and below waterline
  • No primer required
  • Shock absorbing & vibration dampening
  • Solvent & isocyanate-free
  • Sandable when fully cured
  • Powered by Sil-X advanced polymer technology
  • 10 year water tight seal guarantee above the waterline**
  • *Critical seals/repairs underwater should be regularly checked and repaired if required. Not for polycarbonate and perspex underwater.
  • ^With typical levels of chlorination

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